Jewelry and Timepiece Appraisals

Kolick’s Jewelers has its own certified gemologist and master goldsmith on the premises. Donald Kolick, president, is a graduate gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and a certified gemologist from the American Gem Society.

Kolick’s Jewelers – Member of the American Gem Society. Since 1934 American Gem Society members have set the industry standard for high ethical business practices, continuing education, professional service, and consumer protection.

Only 5% of jewelers, designers and appraisers have met the requirements necessary for membership. Plus, the American Gem Society is the only professional jewelers association that requires its titleholders to be recertified every year.

Appraisals are performed on the premises by one of the area’s few Certified Gemologists.


Diamond Appraising

The Four C’s

When it comes to determining a diamond’s quality and value, there is a universally accepted standard known as the four C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight.


The cut of a diamond determines its ultimate beauty. A diamond cut to correct proportions will give off an unrivaled radiance. Cut a diamond too shallow or too deep, and light will escape through the bottom or sides.

Diamond Cut Chart


Diamonds occur in every color of the spectrum. While yellows, browns, and grays are the most commonly found colors, the most desirable color is colorless. Truly colorless gems are extremely rare.


Clarify refers to the number of imperfections in the diamond, known as inclusions. The majority of diamonds have some degree of inclusions in them. The fewer inclusions, the more rare and valuable it is.

Diamond clarity chart


Diamonds are sold by weight in carats. Each carat is 1/5 of a gram. The heavier the diamond, the more valuable it is. But bigger doens’t necessarily mean better. Quality is found in diamonds of all sizes.

Diamond Carat Weight Chart

The Fifth “C”…

Our commitment is to you as a our customer.

Just as your engagement ring is symbolic of your lifelong commitment to each other, we view your choice to purchase your ring from us as the first step in our commitment to you as our customer.